EMODnet Data Ingestion portal


The EMODnet Data Ingestion portal activities are undertaken by a large European network that is geographically anchored in the countries bordering all European marine basins, and covers all EMODnet data themes. The EMODnet Data Ingestion members are national and regional marine and oceanographic data repositories and data management experts. The coordinators of the EMODnet thematic portals are also part of this new initiative.

The EMODnet Data Ingestion portal facilitates submission of sleeping marine datasets for further processing, Open Data publishing and contributing to applications for society. It aims at streamlining the data ingestion process so that data holders from public and private sectors that are not yet connected to the existing marine data management infrastructures can easily release their data for safekeeping and subsequent distribution through EMODnet.

The EMODnet Data Ingestion portal helps to wake up your data so it can serve Blue Society, based on the principle of ‘collect once and use many times’. This idea — a guiding principle of the Marine Knowledge 2020 strategy — benefits all marine data users, including policy makers, scientists, private industries and the public, and opens up new opportunities for innovation and growth.

The involved data centres have been actively engaged in data management for many decades. They have the essential capacities and facilities for data quality control, long-term stewardship, retrieval and distribution. They are involved in national research and monitoring activities and have established arrangements for managing the resulting data on a national and thematic basis. Moreover the data centres work together on pan-European and international scales in organisations such as IODE, ICES, EuroGeoSurveys, EuroGOOS, and IHO, and for pan-European marine data management infrastructures such as SeaDataCloud and EurOBIS. The latter are feeding into several EMODnet thematic portals.