Ocean Data Interoperability Platform


The Ocean Data Interoperability Platform (ODIP) contributes to the removal of barriers hindering the effective sharing of data across scientific domains and international boundaries. ODIP includes all the major organisations engaged in ocean data management in EU, US, and Australia. ODIP is also supported by the IOC/IODE who participates in its implementation and operation, closely linking this activity with its ODSBP project.

The ODIP platform organises international workshops to foster the development of common standards and develop prototypes to evaluate and test selected potential standards and interoperability solutions.

The ODIP partnership also provides a forum to harmonise the diverse regional systems, while advancing the European contribution to the global system. The products and services developed by ODIP are actively promoted at the international level through IOC/IODE, the Research Data Alliance, and GEOSS striving for global interoperability beyond the ODIP partners.

ODIP not only facilitates the dissemination of best practice and the transfer of technology, through the development of international co-operation, it also leads to the application of the results of EU projects to the broader international community. This helps strengthen the role of the EU on the international stage while contributing at the integration and strengthening of the European Research Area (ERA).