Products & Services offered by BMDC

Building on its expertise, BMDC offers consulting services to its users in the design and development of information infrastructures and web applications, particularly suited for scientific (marine) research and access to scientific information.

Access to scientific data

Beside services directly bound to the data themselves, BMDC also provides services based on our expertise and on the specific analysis and visualisation tools we design and manage.

We offer web application development services best suited to meet your needs and your projects specific characteristics whether to facilitate the exchange of information with partners and customers or any other context.

Design, development and implementation of web applications and web services

We develop Web Services based on a set of standard protocols such as XML markup language, JSON, etc. These services allow remote access or data exchange via Internet regardless of the platforms and computer languages used.

Implementation of information infrastructures

With our multidisciplinary team, we can offer project management consulting services for the design and development of an information infrastructure tailored to your data access needs.